Celebration photography

This article will show you how to take inspirational party images.

What you’ll need

Camera – DSLR or compact.
Manual controls are useful however not fully necessary.
Light source. Whether you are using flash, natural light or dealing with sunlight learn some simple techniques.
Tripod. For lowlight light photography and light trails a tripod is an essential item.

Skills you’ll learn

Portrait tips for formal and informal celebrations and learning how to deal with the pressure
Long shutter speeds using some form of light source.
General photography portrait and lighting tips
Celebrating special moments in life for many of us becomes the perfect opportunity to get out the camera and take those all-important images, which will remain on the mantelpiece for years to come.

Weddings, birthdays, graduations and parties are just a few occasions to list where the camera is sure to make an appearance. Unfortunately while many of us have good intentions of taking some great images sometimes it can be extremely difficult to be in the right place at the right time, or know what settings to place the camera on.

If this sounds like a familiar predicament you often find yourself in, fear not as this is where DCE comes to the rescue.

Celebration photography

By following this simple celebrations photography guide whether it be photographing a formal occasion or just wanting to capture some natural looking portraits at a birthday party, this informative tutorial takes you though a through step by step guide so you can capture the best celebratory images of friends and family.

Learn to capture the moment, people and surrounding objects and atmosphere of any celebratory moment and remember those special moments for a lifetime.

Formal celebrations: For those once in a lifetime moments make sure you are fully prepared

Weddings, graduations, and some formal occasions are all key lifetime moments to remember so it is very important to be prepared with your camera and accessories.

While a good position and taking lots of images is essential to achieving great results it is not worth ruining some bodies day to get it. Giving good direction to your subject matter is important however try not to bark orders, as your attitude will be reflected in your image. A relaxed, organised and friendly photographer always produces the best results.

Group images can be hard to organise so unless you are the photographer in charge needing to get all the shots stick to photographing small groups of 3-4 people.